Venture Capital
Adapting to the coronavirus downturn as a pre-seed founder
Over the past few weeks, our team at Bolt has quickly shifted gears to work w...
Axel Bichara Axel Bichara
How to think about your first B2B customers
Your first B2B customers dramatically affect the direction your early-stage c...
Matt Thoms Matt Thoms
Flex your inner strength
Core’s first investor sits down with the CEO to talk mental wellness and expl...
Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
The Core Meditation Trainer
A product design case study on valuable solutions to hard problems Cor...
Spear fishing is better than trawling: Book your VC meetings carefully.
Axel Bichara My whole career, I have had the privilege of working ...
Axel Bichara Axel Bichara
Certification and Regulatory Requirements for Product Developers
If you’re designing a physical product, you have an important responsibility ...
Tyler Mincey Tyler Mincey
What Madison Reed teaches us about DNVB

The best digitally native vertical brands are evolving from DTC enterprises to sophisticated tech-enabled omnichannel operations.

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Adding more colors is simple, right?!
Sonos is biting off a challenge by launching new color combinations with HAY....
Tyler Mincey Tyler Mincey
Operating plans for pre-seed startups
Your operating plan is not a financial or fundraising document: It has to be ...
Axel Bichara Axel Bichara
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