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Culture + Tech Series: Group identity, NFTs and the Eternal world

If you go to Eternal’s home page, you’ll find Baudrillard and Sorkin, a series of Psalms, “a whole new eternal.”…

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Culture + Tech Series: Shaking the stigma with Laura Modi, CEO of Bobbie

I was sitting in Laura Modi’s San Francisco living room in a circle of moms and babies, tears rolling down…

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Culture + Tech Series: How to feed 1 billion cows and save the planet

Whether in fitness, food, or farming, we’re seeing tremendous advances in how technology is helping people live healthier lives. Consumer…

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Culture + Tech Series: Apple legend tackles climate crisis

Blue Lake Packaging designs and manufactures 100% plant fiber-based packaging solutions to help combat the environmental impact of single use-plastics….

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Culture + Tech Series #1: How AI is transforming strength training

When I first met Aly back in 2015 he had a pitch deck, a box with a pulley on it,…

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
PAIR Eyewear: Investment in Founders Who See Innovation Through a New Lens

Today, PAIR Eyewear announces a $12M Series A round.  We met Nathan and Sophia, co-founders of PAIR Eyewear, when they…

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Spotting Outliers: Investing Where Technology and Culture Intersect

I joined Bolt in 2014, just as we were closing our first venture fund of $32M to invest in founders…

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Women in Hardware: Lessons in leadership from Aicha Evans, CEO of Zoox

On March 15th, I had the opportunity to catch up with Aicha Evans, CEO of Zoox, for our most recent…

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Emme: a new interface design for birth control pills

Emme is a healthcare technology company building premium healthcare tools for women. They recently launched their first product: the Emme…

Tyler Mincey Tyler Mincey
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