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Safehub raises $5M seed round to deploy earthquake risk analysis system

We’re huge believers in the promise of embedded sensing and data analytics platforms specifically designed for enterprise verticals. In a…

Tyler Mincey Tyler Mincey
Adapting to the coronavirus downturn as a pre-seed founder

Over the past few weeks, our team at Bolt has quickly shifted gears to work with the founders we’ve backed…

Axel Bichara Axel Bichara
Logitech MX Master 3 vs 2S Teardown: Our favorite mouse got even better

The Logitech MX Master series of mice is a favorite among the Bolt team. They’re consistently rated as top of…

Eric Weinoffer Eric Weinoffer
Organize to Optimize

The unassuming (but essential) things you need to run a safe and efficient prototyping shop While setting up a prototyping…

Eric Weinoffer Eric Weinoffer
How to think about your first B2B customers

Your first B2B customers dramatically affect the direction your early-stage company will take as it finds its feet. Choosing your…

Matt Thoms Matt Thoms
Flex your inner strength

Core’s first investor sits down with the CEO to talk mental wellness and explore what it has been like to…

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
The Core Meditation Trainer

A product design case study on valuable solutions to hard problems Core made a big announcement today about an important fundraising milestone:…

Spear fishing is better than trawling: Book your VC meetings carefully.

My whole career, I have had the privilege of working with entrepreneurs. In pitch meetings and board meetings at Bolt,…

Axel Bichara Axel Bichara
Hiring well is the superpower your startup needs.

Hiring as a startup is one of the main indicators for how well you are doing. Here are ten tips to give yourself a fighting chance at getting top talent.

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