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Kate is a Partner at Bolt investing in pre-seed companies at the intersection of culture and technology. She is the founder of Women in Hardware. You can find Kate on LinkedIn and on Twitter.
Culture + Tech Series: Connecting pets and their parents with Fi
There’s a VC trope about investing in “just a guy and a dog,” but when we bac...
Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Culture + Tech Series: Group identity, NFTs and the Eternal world
If you go to Eternal’s home page, you’ll find Baudrillard and Sorkin, a serie...
Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Culture + Tech Series: Shaking the stigma with Laura Modi, CEO of Bobbie
I was sitting in Laura Modi’s San Francisco living room in a circle of moms a...
Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Culture + Tech Series: How to feed 1 billion cows and save the planet
Whether in fitness, food, or farming, we’re seeing tremendous advances in how...
Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Culture + Tech Series: Apple legend tackles climate crisis
Blue Lake Packaging designs and manufactures 100% plant fiber-based packaging...
Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Culture + Tech Series #1: How AI is transforming strength training
When I first met Aly back in 2015 he had a pitch deck, a box with a pulley on...
Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
PAIR Eyewear: Investment in Founders Who See Innovation Through a New Lens
Today, PAIR Eyewear announces a $12M Series A round.  We met Nathan and So...
Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Spotting Outliers: Investing Where Technology and Culture Intersect
I joined Bolt in 2014, just as we were closing our first venture fund of $32M...
Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
Women in Hardware: Lessons in leadership from Aicha Evans, CEO of Zoox
On March 15th, I had the opportunity to catch up with Aicha Evans, CEO of Zoo...
Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
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