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What Madison Reed teaches us about DNVB

The best digitally native vertical brands are evolving from DTC enterprises to sophisticated tech-enabled omnichannel operations.

Kate McAndrew Kate McAndrew
What I’ve Learned From 10 Years of Hardware Startups at CES
When I picked up my badge for CES this year I was hit with a surprise: 2017 w...
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Everything is Hard, Not Just Hardware (via Bilal Zuberi)
Bilal Zuberi, hardware investor at Lux Capital, my friend and occasional spar...
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What Hardware Startups Can Learn from Pebble
Last week, news broke that Pebble, one of the most beloved hardware companies...
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Stop Saying “Hardware is Hard”
I hear the phrase “hardware is hard” dozens of times a week. Repeating this c...
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The Failure of Coin
A few weeks ago news broke that Fitbit purchased most of the assets of Coin. ...
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Demystifying Hardware Jargon
One of the most frustrating elements of any specialized field is the endless ...
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What Kind of Hardware Market Are You In?
There’s been a cambrian explosion of new hardware products in the last five y...
Avatar Chris Quintero
Barriers to Entry Your Hardware Startup Isn’t Thinking About
Some industries have much higher barriers to entry than others. In many cases...
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