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Axel is an experienced entrepreneur and venture capitalist. From 1993 to 2012, Axel was a partner with Atlas Venture, managing over $2.6 billion of investment capital through seven funds. Besides venture capital Axel has been active in the CAD industry, as co-founder of Premise and Onshape, founding investor at SolidWorks and early investor at GrabCAD and Simscale. You can find Axel on LinkedIn.
Adapting to the coronavirus downturn as a pre-seed founder
Over the past few weeks, our team at Bolt has quickly shifted gears to work w...
Axel Bichara Axel Bichara
Spear fishing is better than trawling: Book your VC meetings carefully.
Axel Bichara My whole career, I have had the privilege of working ...
Axel Bichara Axel Bichara
“All we need is a lead for the round”
Axel Bichara I’ve had the privilege of working with entrepreneurs ...
Axel Bichara Axel Bichara
Operating plans for pre-seed startups
Your operating plan is not a financial or fundraising document: It has to be ...
Axel Bichara Axel Bichara