Safehub raises $5M seed round to deploy earthquake risk analysis system

We’re huge believers in the promise of embedded sensing and data analytics platforms specifically designed for enterprise verticals. In a perfect illustration this week, we’re cheering on Safehub in the announcement of their $5M seed round to accelerate deployment of their structural health monitoring systems to Fortune 500 companies seeking to strengthen their business continuity and resilience efforts in the wake of natural disasters. The team has been a joy to work with since Bolt led their pre-seed financing, and their special blend of structural engineering and risk management expertise continues to excite. If you’re a business continuity or resilience manager with seismic risk on your mind, contact them up for a demo.

Tyler is a Partner at Bolt investing in pre-seed companies at the intersection of the physical and digital world. You can find him on LinkedIn, on Twitter, and over at the Teardown Library

Bolt invests at the intersection of the digital and physical world.