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Chris is a part-time Principal at Bolt. He was the firm’s first hire 6 years ago and has a mechanical engineering degree with highest honours from Georgia Tech. When not working with portfolio companies he can be found reading about cognitive science and international development.
What Kind of Hardware Market Are You In?
There’s been a cambrian explosion of new hardware products in the last five y...
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How Hardware Startups Stop Commoditization
The story of hardware has been one of innovation followed by commoditization....
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The Hardware Startup Valley of Death
There’s a valley of death for hardware startups. Ironically, it occurs when c...
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Who Invests in Hardware Startups?
Note: This post was from 2015. Click here for an updated breakdown of investm...
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Hardware Startups We’d Like to Fund
About once a day we get a pitch related to cell phone charging, drones, 3D pr...
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